At Zoey Consulting Services, Inc., we are a capable, strong small
business with intelligent employees dedicated to delivering the best
product possible. We place a special emphasis on core aspects of our
employees. We expect everyone involved with Zoey to be honest and
transparent in all their dealings. We value integrity and respect:
respect for both our customers and our fellow colleagues. We trust
everyone in our company to behave in an ethical manner that fosters good will. Our leadership emphasizes openness, creativity, excellence,
accountability, and cooperation. The company itself wants to be the
best it can be -- and that starts with every single employee. With these core values, honesty, integrity, respect, and trust, Zoey Consulting Services, Inc. strives to provide the best workplace experience and the highest quality security products employees and customers can ask for.

We pride ourselves on honest business practices, safety,
reliability, satisfaction, and security. We never compromise our
business and we never compromise our clients. Our clients' information
and our work is bar none. The satisfaction of both employee and customer matter deeply. We will provide top-notch security solutions in a timely, efficient manner. To do so, we offer an open door contact policy to keep everyone communicating. We also place an emphasis on education to maintain our employees' top-notch abilities. And finally, we steadfastly maintain good business practices with our clients, competitors, and collaborators by working together to ensure client satisfaction. Through these business practices, we will provide our customers with solutions that fit their needs.

As with all companies, our core values come from the personalities of
our staff. At our core, our founders believe in education, intelligence, honesty, accountability, and friendliness. Just as it is our job to always improve, to always do our best, and to always provide great service, we also strive to make our team comfortable and a happy place to work. We encourage a life beyond the company and all have families and perform volunteer work with esteemed organizations.

Zoey Consulting Services, Inc. (ZCS) researches, designs and implements
solutions to some of the problematic communications issues within
the Intelligence Community. We provide state-of-the-art results to
current problems and make a difference to National Security here and
around the world. We place TS/SCI w/Poly cleared professionals in
exciting career opportunities.

Zoey is a small business in the heart of Howard County. With an average
of over 20 years of experience each, our employees provide technical
analysis and software -- all at a great savings to our customers. Our
company specializes in research to production software that makes a
difference today. Zoey employees create customized solutions and bring
them to life!